I can take admission in Haryana University after some time I have secure seat in Delhi University can I take admission in Delhi University

 We have discussed some of the positive benefits that university life and education can bring. However, we also need to discuss some of the disadvantages associated with studying at a university. While discussing these you should be aware that they do not in any way indicate that you should abandon your higher education goals, only that you should look at your educational process with realistic expectations.

I can take admission in Haryana University after some time I have secure seat in Delhi University can I take admission in Delhi University

Compared to the public college system the first and most common mistake that comes to mind is the high cost of higher education at university level. Public colleges are simply more expensive around than universities. The cost goes beyond the amount that could be spent in the room and on the boards making reading alone expensive and not allowed in most cases. Although there are many types of financial aid available to students, most college students in the country make a living by using student loans, which must be repaid at a high interest rate, to cover the costs associated with university education.

Apart from one obvious reduction there are a few other objections to this particular situation. First of all, universities do not have a close study program that separates public colleges from reality. In fact, with low-level courses, many universities offer large hall classes taught by graduate students rather than professors and often students do not even know those who are responsible for their education in addition to memorizing and smiling as they pass hall halls. This method of study is considered by many to be very low and statistics prove that students who go directly to a four-year college course instead of going through a community college first are less likely to graduate.

If that is not enough, many people find that the inhuman nature of many universities is reduced when it comes to communicating with other students. Small community college campuses invite communication between students in the classroom. The open line of communication within the classroom is so much preferred to have so many readers that no one gains a word or the power to express their ideas or experiences in relation to certain topics.

Another disadvantage of university life is the size of university campuses. Public colleges are often the most congested. This means that students have a good chance of getting to all the classes on time and without having to worry about walking 2 miles in 10 minutes. While this is physically good, losing the first ten minutes of class each week can limit the educational process that should be given to your university experience. It looks like a small thing on the other hand but if you drag the right books all day with a laptop - that climb could be something the seas seem to be hesitant to accomplish.

While there are a few distinct distractions from university life, the fact remains that graduating from university is one great way to increase your leadership potential during your lifetime. Prices mean nothing. I highly recommend whenever you are likely to go to a community college in the first two years of your college education. In addition, I strongly urge you to consider the importance of completing your education and obtaining a four-year degree.

If you wish to build self-confidence, earn money, and secure jobs, there is no way to do that higher than getting a four-year degree. It doesn't matter where you are in your life or work; it's never too late to start getting your education. There are so many things in the world that a good education will open your eyes beyond the doors of a four-year degree.


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